TLDP stresses that everyone possess good “maladaptive cyclic pattern (PCM),” or a first development out of a problematic matchmaking

Previous research has framed enneatypes from inside the alignment with modern psychodynamic techniques that help anyone pick useless activities and you may facilitate corrective mental experience understand the fresh method of in accordance with other people. The enneagram idea holds conceptual similarity so you’re able to modern psychodynamic therapy designs, specifically short-term designs such Go out-Minimal Active Psychotherapy (TLDP), by which there is look to support their efficacy, such as for instance, increased accessory coverage , and for the restoration from therapeutic consequences . Ergo, that it definition of brand new doing work of identity try synchronous that have the fresh new Enneagram concept.

Also psychodynamic patterns including the TLDP, the brand new Enneagram may also be useful in intellectual and you can behavioral tips. Particularly, inside Intellectual Behavioral Treatment (CBT) , everyone is guided to understand more about their point of views and you may schemas, including intellectual distortions, which are often linked to unhelpful thinking and you can habits. Research has receive connectivity between Enneagram models and you may intellectual techniques , therefore understanding the typology off character considering this method support the specific individual to discover its cognitive tendencies and it is possible to distortions. Inside Invited and you will Partnership Cures , among the secret requires would be to reduce the rigid effect and you can raise psychological independence. Concurrently, it allows the topic to improve focus on issues one cover a strict way of per someone else, adopting the inclinations of the archetype. That is thought a starting point to begin with focusing on decreasing tight responses and growing psychological liberty.

Consequently, throughout the psychometric perspective, it actually was thought to manage an important study of the brand new Identification Form of Index Based on Enneagram one analyzes the 9 character representations depending on the Enneagram [13, 15]. Hence, this research will evaluate the psychometric qualities of your expose enneagram means during the an example off Peruvian children out of wellness sciences to collect adequate evidence of legitimacy and you will reliability, hence complying towards conditions for its particular have fun with like those individuals provided by The factors to have Informative and you will Mental Evaluation [step three,4,33].

Material and techniques

This research is crucial because reviewed the fresh new psychometric qualities and you may the fresh new adaptation away from a psychological software . The study try was created upwards off 1096 Peruvian college students, which comprises 520 males (47.4%) and you can 576 girls (52.6%) that have ages anywhere between 20 and you may forty years (ME=; SD=3.53). The newest simples have been generally made up of psychology youngsters (80.7%), the latest rests were breastfeeding and you may nutrients youngsters, whoever people belonged so you’re able to a few college facilities regarding Peruvian urban area off Lima. The complete shot try incorporated getting review according to intercourse and you can years (20-23, and 24-40) with the Bayesian t-decide to try to choose people high differences with conclusive evidence of Bayes foundation [BF]> 10.

The new PCM identifies designs out-of emotions to your the new thinking, standard, and you can perceptions off anyone else, and you will ways relating which can be dynamically interrelated and you will constantly dysfunctional matchmaking

The latest Personality Variety of Collection Centered on Enneagram (PTIBE) (x) was used. It consisting of 49 issues, classified on nine circumstances (enotypes): compulsive design consisting of situations [1-5], helper [6-9], Achiever [10-15], personal [16-20], specialist [21-25], faithful [26-29], adventurer [30-33], challenger [34-39] and you can pacifist [40- 44]. The items score in one to six (No, No, Partly no, Neither sure nor no, Partly sure escort girl Rochester, Yes, Yes yes). It actually was yet not decided upon the fresh recommendation of experts in the content validation of your own software to change five form of answers (Never ever, Almost never, Always, Always).

On type of one’s device, an official interpretation means of the initial PTIBE things is actually carried out using the translation method “right back interpretation” , and that contained converting the scale from English so you can Language and you may, afterwards, retranslating the new variation. regarding Spanish to English, making certain the fresh equality of your translation. Next, a concordance analysis try carried out between judging having knowledge of the industry of scientific mindset and you may psychological dimensions, with the properties such as for instance clearness, benefit, and you may advantages of the items regarding build are evaluated, whoever V thinking out-of Aiken were greater than the mainly based lowest [?.70] . Shortly after evidencing the message authenticity, the fresh questionnaire was used to 1 attempt of 1096 Peruvian people out of wellness sciences.

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